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Soap Making Series Part Two

Part Two of a two-part, four day workshop spanning two weekends learning to make a variety of soaps.

Part Two can only be taken after gaining knowledge from taking Part One. Book together for a generous $100 discount.

Hot processed, cold processed, liquid, pioneer and survival soap. Not only will you finish this workshop with four different soap products, you will be skilled with making your own soap for a lifetime!

$200 ~ $250 / Person

  • 2 Days of gathering, instruction, and production
  • 1-2 different soap products to take home
  • All soap making supplies included
  • Lunch each day is provided
  • Free camping on the land or great accommodation options in near by Sundre
  • Each day is 5-6 hours
  • *Must complete Part One before attending Part Two
  • *Must be over 14 years of age to participate

Natural Soap

This is Part Two of a two weekend series that encompasses all things soap.

We start with the basics of cold and hot process in Part One, and build on that knowledge in Part Two when we begin to make liquid soap. We learn some pioneering and survival soap methods as well as some advanced techniques like working with colour and decoration, embeds and fast processing of soap.

Part One:

  1. Safety, Equipment, Tools, Ingredients and other resources
  2. Science of Soap!
  3. Make Your First Soaps

Part Two:

  1. How to make liquid soap the fast and easy way with 2 different methods
  2. Pioneer Soap with a modern twist
  3. Advanced techniques

    Part 2: Day 1

    • 10:00 am ~ 5:00 pm
    • Re-Orientation / Processing / Packaging
    • Part 2 gets us reacquainted with our projects, which we develop, and start packaging soap. We will spend some time learning different techniques and understanding how to troubleshoot common soap problems, soap storage and cleaning up the bars. We will also learn the art of liquid soap.

    Day 2

    • 10:00 am ~ 4:00 pm
    • Packaging / Reflection / Goodbyes
    • The finale includes packaging the last of our soaps, a final reflection discussion, and goodbyes with next steps.

Soap Making Series Part Two

From: $200.00

You will need your Coupon code from completing Part One in order to book Part Two alone. Or select your start date, Book Now below, then add Part One to your cart for the complete Soap Making Series at the discounted $400.

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