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Sundre Medicine Walk

Join us on a walk with a knowledgeable guide who will share the fascinating historical medicines of the boreal forest from a Cree lineage.


  • Daily departures for all group sizes
  • 1.5 ~ 2 Hours Round Trip
  • 1.5KM w/negligible Elevation Gain
  • A relaxed walking pace and plenty of stops.
    Terrain is well established trails.
    The tour is rated easy.

History of the Area

It’s an eye-opening experience when you take a walk in a mountain meadow or through the forest with Brenda Holder.

She can point to and identify any plant, tree or bush and tell you how it can be used to make something crucial to survival – a fire cider for a flu or cold, a food source or a fire starter.

Currently Booking Spring and Summer Walks

Ahhhh Summer! Our Medicine Walks shine this time of year, and to make the most of your walk, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Bring a hat, wind/water shell, comfortable shoes or boots, sunglasses, water, sunscreen, bug spray and a camera
  • We go rain or shine!
  • Warmer weather means some extra water so a pack to carry your belongings will come in handy!

Daily Departures

We have daily departures for groups of up to 12, and small as one or two folks. If you require a larger group outing, see our Group & Organization inquiry page for more details.

    Sundre Medicine Walk Schedule

    • 9:45 am ~ 10:00 am
    • Arrival & COVID Protocol

      Map to Parking Lot

    • 10:00 am ~ 10:15 am
    • Introductions
    • A brief group introduction will take place as is customary. Guide will follow cultural protocol and lay tobacco. At this time we ask guests to respect our traditions and please not take photographs at this time.

    • 10:15 am ~ 11:25 am
    • Plant Walk
    • We will head out and select our plant medicines providing an offering to Mother Earth.

    • 11:25 am ~ 11:30 am
    • Medicine Options
    • We will discuss some of the options for making medicine and introduce the medicine workshops. If you are interested in doing one of the workshops, please don’t hesitate to ask the guide for a discount card!

Sundre Medicine Walk

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