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Herbs for Your Heart


Come join us at Fjallraven in Banff!

We have teamed up for the Family Day events.

Brenda will be sharing some traditional teas with guests and teaching a bit about the plants in our Boreal Forest that are good for your heart.

If you spend over $50 on either Mahikan Trails or Fjallraven products you will be entered into a draw for a pair of Keb Trousers from Fjallraven and a Medicine walk for two with Mahikan Trails.

Come join us on Feb 16th from noon to 4 pm!

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Red Deer Museum Metis Exhibit


Brenda will be presenting as well as offering a workshop related to the matriarchal teachings of medicines passed down in Metis Culture.

Come join me on Feb 3rd in Red Deer from 5:30 - 7:30 Pm!

Learn about making salves. We will cover everything from the traditional and most basic understanding of early salves and how they were made and used, and then move forward in time to how we make them today with different materials available to us. Participants will experience the session hands on and learn from start to finish how to make salves, and they will get to keep what they make!

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Summer Medicine


Dates are coming soon!

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Calgary Outdoor Show


Come see us  at the Calgary Outdoor Show

This event takes place March 23/24

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Autumn Medicine


Dates are coming soon!

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Waterton Wild Flower Festival!


Come join Brenda in Waterton for the Wildfower Festival!

We will be doing a series of walks and some hands on workshops.

Dates this year are June 13th to 18th 2019!

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