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Make Your Own Medicine

Our 2 day workshop will have you out walking the land, learning about and gathering some of the plants you’ll be working with, and creating some wonderful products you take home for yourself!

$225.00 / Person

  • 2 Days of respectful gathering
  • Learning about and honouring the land as we harvest our medicine
  • Spending time on the land learning its patterns
  • Lunch not provided
  • Free camping on the land or great accommodation options in near by Sundre
  • Each day is 5-6 hours

make some beautiful products off the land!

Some of the products you will make and take home are:

  • Infusions Glycerites
  • Nourishing Nervines
  • A safe and natural deodorant
  • Cold and flu syrups
  • Fire Cider for flu
  • Face cream
  • Rose rehydration salts

To name a few!

    Day 1

    • 9:00 am ~ 4:30 pm
      • Learn to make oil infusions
      • Making a variety of salves from the oil infusions
      • Teas and Infusions: Hot and Cold
      • Making a cold and flu acetum (vinegar infusion)
      • Decoctions: Hot and Cold
      • Glycerites

    Day 2

    • 9:00 am ~ 4:30 pm
      • Nourishing Nervines
      • Make a safe and natural deodorant
      • Cold and Flu Syrups (the most amazing medicine you will ever taste!)
      • Face Cream

Make Your Own Medicine

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